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Tax Tip: Student Loan Interest can be a deduction.

Student loan interest payments are generally deductible. You can generally use the interest payments as a deduction if you use any filing status other than Married Filing Separately and  your Modified Adjusted Gross Income is less than $75,000 ($150,000 if Married Filing Jointly) and the loan was taken out for you, your spouse, or someone who qualified as a dependent when the loan was taken out.

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Tax Tip: It’s never to early to begin getting your tax papers together.

I know we do not like to think about income taxes at all, especially when it is not tax season yet. But imagine the time and stress you can save if you go ahead and start your files now. Get some boxes or folders and label them. When you have an expense that might be deductible, go ahead and make a note of it and put it in the correct file. The same thing goes for income documents. Also, write down any questions you think of so when you have the time to call us, you remember what you wanted to ask.

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